Hilarious Video Inspired By Buyers’ Questions

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Karen Teague, owner of  Brookby Heights International, located in Auckland New Zealand recently created a hilarious video inspired by some of the questions she receives from prospective buyers.

Anyone who has spent time selling a show jumping horse can tell you that they encounter a lot of questions from prospective buyers. Experienced sellers often anticipate these questions, and include answers with their listings:

Is he good with children?

Does he spook?

Any vices?

However, there is no way to anticipate every question, so after finding herself responding to some bizarre questions, Karen decided to illustrate via video.

Here’s an excerpt from her interview with Horse And Hound.

“Normally I expect these things to be lateral work or jumping a particular height, but a few weeks ago I was asked to show a horse standing while wearing his rug, in winds of up to 90kph to show that he didn’t mind extreme winds and flapping pyjamas,” Karen told H&H.

“I thought this was hilarious and my mind started to wander as to how I could do this. So I did a tongue in cheek video to show this four-year-old horse standing wearing flapping pyjamas in ‘extreme winds’ [fans and a hairdryer].”

Since then Karen has received questions about a mare she has for sale, Nouveau Heights BHS (Pumba).

“I kept being asked what she’s like with children,” said Karen.

“I can understand this question as a mother of four myself — you want your kids to be safe if they suddenly dart out in front of your horse or run up behind it — but again my mind started to wander to the humorous side of this and as to how ridiculous I could go.”

The video shows Pumba being put through her paces, while children jump up and down on a trampoline, play soccer and drive a dirt bike in the same arena.

To date, her Facebook video has received over 2.1M Facebook views.