Watch! Catch Up With Kaley Cuoco, The Equestrian

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Interview with Kaley Cuoco at the Del Mar International Horse Show
Kaley talks about her love of the sport of show jumping and plans after Big Bang Theory

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Kaley Cuoco at the Del Mar International horse show, presented by West Palms Events.

She’s a familiar face in the show jumping world. And since we’re not qualified to discuss (nor interested in) celebrity gossip, we wanted to know about her plans in the equestrian world.

Kaley told us that she’s working on getting more time in the show ring and focusing on her mental game.

When asked if she’s ever worked with a mental skills coach, Kaley laughed and told us that her trainer, Tracey Wade, plays a key role – as mental skills coach, riding coach and “therapist”.

Regarding times when she rides in the same class as boyfriend, and very accomplished equestrian, Karl Cook, Kaley told us that there is often a lot of playful “ribbing” about who is going to win. She went on to tell us how lucky she is to have Karl in her life. “He’s a beautiful rider and I love that he’s in my life and I can learn so much from him. He’s got a wonderful brain and loves the horses. The horses come first and that’s where we come from as well.”

After her time on the hit TV show Big Bang Theory is over, Kaley hopes to focus even more on her riding and travel with Karl and maybe do some international stuff. That includes participating in more Grands Prix and acquiring more horses. “I want to keep the horses healthy and keep being a part of this sport that I adore so much.

Finally, Kaley shared the story behind the name of her barn, Big Bay City. Despite the obvious similarity to Big Bang Theory, Kaley told us that she and Tracey came up with the name a couple of years ago based on the fact that the first horse Kaley owned was a big bay (colored) and then the next couple of horses she accumulated were also bays.

Watch Kaley’s entire clear first round and jump-off in her 1.30m class below.

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