3 Tips For Success In The Show Ring

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Mental Skills Coach, Tonya Johnston, Offers Three Tips For More Success In The Show Ring

We asked rider and mental skills coach Tonya Johnston what advice she would give to riders to help them better prepare, mentally, on show day.

1 – Control The “Controllables”

Understand what you can control and those things that are out of your control.

For example, be sure to control things like:

  • Your Preparation
  • Time Management
  • Focus
  • Your Goals

Don’t waste energy or be distracted by things that are out of your control

2- Be Solution Focused

Make sure that when you face challenges, you’re quickly shifting gears to:

  • What Can I Do About That?
  • How Can I Help Myself and My Horse?
  • What Are My Options?

3- Have Fun!

  • Bring Your Motivation
  • Bring A Sense Of Excitement, In A Positive Way
  • Appreciate How Lucky You Are

Remember, there’s probably no place you would rather be, than competing at a horse show!

Tonya Johnston, MA, is a Mental Skills Coach with a master’s degree in sport psychology who specializes in work with equestrian athletes. She offers performance enhancement skills education to assist riders in achieving excellence with their horse. Tonya helps riders apply mental skills in a variety of equestrian disciplines, including dressage, three-day eventing, and hunter/jumpers. She offers group clinics, and individual phone or in-person appointments for riders.

For more information, visit her website.