Advice For New Show Jumping Parents – Video

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We asked show jumping moms and dads if they had any advice for parents that are new to the sport.

Here’s what they said:

Enjoy the moment.

Make it fun.

Be patient.

Let your child learn. Don’t provide all of the answers or they’ll always have to rely on you.

Have confidence in your child.

Get a good, supportive coach/trainer. Trust your trainer and grow with your trainer.

Ensure your child learns all aspects of horsemanship and taking care of – and prepping – the horse.

Be prepared for unexpected expenses. Your child may outgrow his/her horse, tack etc. more quickly than you think.

Take “baby steps”. Make sure your child loves the sport. Lease, rather than buy your first horse so you know whether your child is really committed.

Evolve… it can be an expensive, long process.

Be supportive.