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The USHJA 3’3” Jumping Seat Medal Puts Riders To The Test
Videos And Course Designs

Many notable American show jumping riders who have gone on to achieve great success, can trace their roots back to the Equitation Ring.

Ask any good trainer and they will tell you that equitation is the foundation for show jumping success.

Young riders can learn a lot by watching other successful young riders like 14 year old Payton Potter who won the inaugural USHJA 3’3″ Jumping Seat Medal Finals – West.

This new equitation program was created to give young riders a pathway toward the annual USEF Show Jumping Talent Search.

The Finals consists of three phases: Phase I (Flat Phase), Phase II (Gymnastics Phase) and Phase III (Jumping Phase).

Scott Williamson and Troy Hendrix judged the three-phase class.

Scores for each of the three phases were progressively weighted: x1, x1.5 and x2, respectively.

Brilliant FEI course designer, Anthony D’Ambrosio designed the gymnastics and show jumping courses (see illustrations) to test the riders to their full ability.  Williamson and Hendrix evaluated equitation style and technical merit in all phases, and in the final jumping phases they also evaluated the execution of an efficient, well-ridden track.

In Saturday’s jumping round, one point was deducted for each second over the time allowed and four points for a rail down.

Out of sixteen starters, Payton Potter emerged victorious aboard her own horse, Pacord.

Watch Payton ride the gymnastics phase and the jumping phase, below.

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