While show jumping in Europe is very popular, the sport remains relatively unknown to many throughout North America. That’s why it’s always good news when world-class show jumping events take place in the US and Canada.

While sportswriters and niche publications report the results, it’s the celebrities that generate news across a wider range of media outlets. Various news websites such as MEA Worldwide (https://meaww.com/subcategory/movies) could create ripples with their blogs written about celebrities and movies worldwide.

Jessica Springsteen on Davendy S

Given that we live in a culture that can’t get enough of celebrity news and reality TV, it’s no surprise that a lot of news around show jumping tends to focus on celebrity sightings.

The recent FEI World Cup Finals in Omaha and the LONGINES Global Champions Tour stop in Miami had entertainment columnists running in every direction, reporting sightings of Venus Williams, Floyd Mayweather, Flo Rider and celebrity daughters/competitors Jessica Springsteen, Georgina Bloomberg and Jennifer Gates (to name just a few).

The 2017 Longines Global Champions Tour in Miami Beach brought out a slew of celeb spawn, and, in some cases, their parents, including Michael Bloomberg , cheering on his equestrian daughter Georgina Bloomberg ; Marco Rubio , with his kids; Jessica Springsteen (daughter of Bruce); Jennifer Gates (daughter of […]

Show jumping is an incredible sport and we need to continue to promote its appeal to a wider audience. If it takes celebrity and entertainment columnists to help spread the word, we’re OK with that. Just don’t forget to mention that the “celebrity” riders and their horses are also world-class athletes.

photos by Stefano Grasso/LGCT