Video – Equitation Classic Opening Remarks – Hear From The Judges

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The Blenheim June Classic III is hosting the inaugural “American Tradition of Excellence Equitation Challenge presented by Whitethorne”.

This new event hopes to provide riders, trainers and parents with more insight into what it takes to be successful in the equitation ring.

Georgy Maskrey-Segesman of Whitethorne, welcomed 75 riders and their trainers near the grand prix field at the Blenheim June Classic III where the inaugural American Tradition Of Excellence, Equitation Challenge will be held.

She reaffirmed the spirit of the program was education.

Renowned judge and trainer, Stacia Madden, recalled that when she showed as a junior, Michael Page posted his judge’s card at the out-gate and riders came running to see what kind of notes he made.

As shows have gotten larger, we’ve moved away from that. Now, there’s often a “block” between the judges and riders with little opportunity for feedback.

This event will help participating riders and trainers get that feedback.

Bernie Traurig, who will be judging the Maclay Finals explained what the judges are looking for.

This is NOT a “pose” contest

His Key Word is “Effective” Riding

Of course, the judges want To See Great Basics. Great basics combined with beautiful FORWARD riding.

They want to see horses that are “In Front Of Your Leg”

This means horses that are willing to go forward

They’re also looking for riders that can get up into a Two-Point Position – in their half seat and “Enjoy The Ride”

Bonus Points!

  • Accuracy
  • Connection. Specifically, Connection in between the jumps AND Connection over the jumps.
  • And also Brilliance

Stacia Madden added, “I try to judge the way I train”.

Forward riding is really important.

Ride with pace and your horse in front of you.

Good luck to all the participants over the next two days!