Keeping Rodents Out of Your Feed Room

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Mice And Rats Are Drawn To Our Feed And Tack Rooms Because They Provide An Ample Source Of Food And Bedding

Equine nutritionist, Clair Thunes, PhD recently published an article in The Horse that is filled with great advice to help limit the spread of disease.

For every rat or mouse you see, there are 25 more not far away

Key Points:

  • Keep all feed and supplements in rodent-proof containers such as metal trashcans with secured lids.
  • Check sacks of feed for holes when purchased.
  • Be diligent about sweeping up any dropped feed.
  • A good (vaccinated) barn cat is your friend. A good terrier or other rat catching dog will also let you know when and where you have rodents.

  • Set traps along walls were rodents often run as well as near holes (be careful to not put them in places where pets or children might set them off).

She advises against the use of poison, because you can’t be sure where poison will end up.

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