How To Protect Yourself From A False Drug Positive

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Litigation team for Kelley Farmer and Larry Glefke’s case with US Equestrian addressed members and the press in Wellington today

We don’t normally weigh in on issues regarding accusations and litigation. However, as this case comes to a VERY PUBLIC conclusion, including memos to US Equestrian members (see below), we were curious what members and the litigation team were going to discuss.

While there was a lot of information shared (from the litigation team’s perspective), perhaps the best question and answer came at the end of the event.

How do we protect ourselves?

How do we protect ourselves from being wrongfully accused and sentenced? Not only is it incredibly frustrating to be accused of something that’s not true but it can also be very damaged to someone’s reputation. It could stop them from following their passions and progressing in their careers as most employers prefer to do background screening and drug testing ( before recruiting a new employee.

Of course, one way is to video the entire drug testing process. At least by sharing the process, no one is able to criticize you or accuse you of lying and you can prove to the whole world that you are telling the truth! Thankfully, anybody found in a situation like this can clear their name by buying an at-home drug test kid from a company like Countrywide Testing so that they can prove their innocence. The kits are pretty simple to use and come with clear instructions on how to use it too. Kits also come prepackaged, so there can be no accusations of tampering with tests.

As well as proving your innocence with an at-home drug testing kit, having one administered within a professional setting, like a private room in an office environment, may also help you to clear your name. Such as in workplaces, they want the best possible people working for them, so many employers ask for a 5 panel drug screen test to be conducted on potential candidates. Doing this in a professional setting will lower the chances of any cheating or tampering with evidence. Both options can be effective when it comes to proving your innocence.

However, the litigation team responded that, while US Equestrian has vowed to fix the “First Half” of the process, including:

  • Staffing Changes
  • Program Audit/Assessment
  • Staff Training
  • Testing Personnel
  • Member Resources

See Full Memo from US Equestrian CEO, Bill Moronoey

The litigation team stressed that it’s incumbent upon US Equestrian members to look at the “Other Half” of the process; the hearing process.

Currently, nobody wins in the hearing room

Currently, nobody wins in the hearing room.

While Kelley Farmer and Larry Glefke were able to take their case further than most, including to the US Olympic Committee, a big takeaway away from the hearings is that US Equestrian needs to commit to be more transparent.

We all agree that Fair Sport is essential for a healthy and growing sport. That means that the cheaters get caught and those that are innocent are afforded a fair and transparent process.