Show Jumping Course Strategy – Video

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We asked International Show Jumping Grand Prix rider, Mandy Porter to discusses her strategy when faced with a challenging “effort” presented by the course designer.

When you see a difficult combination like the one we just saw in the grand prix, what’s your strategy?

My strategy, generally is to walk the course once, to get an idea of what I want to do. If there’s a certain part of the course that requires a little more attention, like the combination in the video, I will focus on it a little more.

I’ll analyze it a time or two and decide what I need to do based on the individual horse I’m riding (it could be different from one to another).

I take it seriously and make a clear plan but I don’t obsess about it.

What are you thinking about when you approach the combination?

The key as I approach the combination is to stay on the rhythm. In a nutshell, maintain the same rhythm and balance and allow the horse to do their job.

Do you have any advice for young riders?

Take it seriously, but not too seriously. Treat it like a job. I ask myself what is the job I need to do at that moment. Make sure you have a plan. Most of my riding is based on balance and rhythm, so I try not to chop it up and do something that’s going to alarm the horse or make it concerned that something strange is coming.

Mandy Porter is a show jumping professional based in San Diego, California. She has appeared on three Nations Cup teams for the United States and has competed in three FEI World Cup Jumping Finals. She recently won the AIG $1 Million at HITS Coachella.