New Technology Enables You To Monitor Horse Health and Training Effectiveness

We’re always looking for ways to improve the training and health of show jumping horses. Now, Hanoverian startup HorseAnalytics GmbH has developed wearable technology designed to do just that.

Company founder Enri C. Strobel, was recently at the SXSW Conference in Austin Texas where her company qualified for the prestigious Accelerator Program.

The system uses a specially developed sensor called the Pacer that is attached to the neck of a halter or bridle and can be changed from the halter to the bridle in a matter of seconds.

This sensor transmits data to the HorseAnalytics app (available for iOS or Android) where it is analyzed and processed. In this way, the user recognizes how much and in what gait the horse has moved. It is also evident whether these movements have taken place in the training or in the pasture.

“During the daily riding training we can analyze the movements of the horse objectively and in real time”, says Strobel.

“The algorithms specially developed for the Equestrians recognize gaits, movement amount and intensity as well as many other information.”

The resulting reports are based on current scientific knowledge and relate the breed, age and fitness of the horse. They also allow conclusions to be drawn about the health of the animal and as such, could also show colics and lameness at an early stage

The system is now in a comprehensive practice test with 200 participants in Germany.